ARGOS Pure Oil Cold Air Diffuser Programmable Control Silver


Smart And Stylish

Diffuse your essential oils with ease and elegance with the Argos cold air fragrance home diffuser. Whisper-quiet yet powerful, this essential oil diffuser preserves the integrity of your essential oils and provides quality scent with style in your living room, bedroom or small office. Made of durable aluminum and available in Modern Black & Metallic Silver. Simple Programming Features with super-efficient and low oil consumption.

Key Features

Covers 1,000 sq.ft., Multiple timer settings, Simple Programmable Touch Controls

Oil Bottle Size

Requires 60ml bottle to fill (oil is not included)
Do not transport your diffuser once glass container is filled. You must remove all oil and transport oil separately from your diffuser. Transporting or tipping your diffuser filled with oil may cause leaking and may damage your diffuser.

Be remembered…

Limited Quantity Available: 10

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