Argos Triumph Of Bacchus Perfume




Represented by the Roman god Bacchus. Bacchus was considered the god of wine making, fertility, ritual madness, theater, and religious ecstasy. He was one of the twelve Olympians, although he was the last to arrive. Often called Eleutherious, meaning “the liberator,” because his wine, music and ecstatic dance freed mortals from self-consciousness and the restraints of society. Bacchus crossed the boundary between life and death, between the known and unknown. He was a god of chaos and protector of misfits. This Luxurious scent is shrouded in grandeur and mystery. Wildly romantic and fragrant notes dance beautifully together in chorus. Argos TRIUMPH OF BACCHUS is an exotic fragrance opening with Spicy Saffron, Royal Green Apple, and Rhum notes. Confident and refined Tobacco is paired perfectly with amber and Vanilla revealing a powerfully seductive and almost sinful aphrodisiac.

Crystal embellishments on bottles may vary in size, color, and availability.

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