Argos Fragrance Oil Bottle Amber Vial 10ML


(Filled with either Argos Pour Homme or Femme Pure Fragrance oil )


aromatic – floral – citrus – soft spicy – warm spicy


Sensual, Luxurious, Sophisticated, Rich

For Cold-Air Diffusion Scent Machines

10ml, 36.96ml, and 120ml. Simply remove the diffuser oil bottle and add the Argos Aroma Oil blend. Screw the bottle back into the scent machine. Adjust the diffuser intensity to your desired level to create the perfect ambient scent. Mixing Aroma or Essential Oils with water or other carriers is NOT required. At Argos International™, we use pure concentrated Essential and Aroma Oil Blends for all of our business scent machines.

Be remembered…
Undeniably ARGOS.

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